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Multiples full backup from MS SQL Server all day long

It's a very expensive way of doing your backups. If they are taking full backups each x minutes that means the point of time they are taking the backup is the point they can restore to. For instance ...
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Can we take a copy-only backup for filegroups on the SQL Server from a secondary HA replica?

The Docs state this is possible (emphasis mine): BACKUP DATABASE supports only copy-only full backups of databases, files, or filegroups when it's executed on secondary replicas. Copy-only backups ...
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1 vote

Telling SQL Server about moving the backup files

There's a table called dbo.backupmediafamily in database msdb. It contains physical_device_name column, which can be correctly updated. Using the script below you can get list of last 100 registered ...
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Preferred seconday backup in AG - what about the primary ? Shows no backups taken

The most recent backup time is pulled from msdb, which is not joined to the Availability Group (each replica has it's own copy of system databases). To get accurate information about the last backup ...
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Point-in-Time-Recovery of Postgres at an arbitrary time for audit purposes

Your question seems to suggest that these audits don't happen very often, so I would suggest that you keep base backups and a WAL archive around, and when you need the state of the database at a ...
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how to transfer data from Prod environment to Dev environment?

There are a few things that come to mind. Moving just a subset of data from prod to dev is far more surgical and will take significant work on your part to do correctly so I'm limiting this to just ...
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how to transfer data from Prod environment to Dev environment?

I backup this database every day and restore it to the dev environment. This process takes 4 hours, which is actually too long. Remove backup time from this equation. You have to do it anyways. What ...
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Troubleshooting RMAN-03009: failure of delete command on d1 channel

As @mustaccio pointed out, the first step is to remove the broken path from the channel definition. E.g: change the following lines: allocate channel d1 device type disk format '/nfs_rman_bk/mydb_bk/...
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