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Test select: select macaddress, upper(replace(macaddress,':','')) as new_macaddress from Macs; Update: update macs set macaddress = upper(replace(macaddress,':','')); Fiddle Test data: create table macs ( macaddress varchar(20) ); insert into macs values('90CCAADD3341'); insert into macs values('90:3f:ff:11:22:33'); insert into macs values('33:44:...


Another way is to use count_estimate function to get an idea of the progress counting the records with a SELECT count_estimate('SELECT * FROM REGDATA')


There is no built in way to monitor the progress. v12 has added progress monitoring for some actions, but not for COPY. What I have done in this situation is use strace -s 1024 -y -p <backend pid> to get a trace of the loading process. This will show what data it is reading from the "/home/dani/Documents/utf8_regdata.out" file (along with a bunch of ...


I don't believe OPENROWSET has a limit, at least not one I have come across - and there isn't one documented, so to answer that question, NO. However, SSMS is a 32 bit application so I think that limits it's memory on a 64 bit OS to 4gb - so whatever you do, your limited by that. That doesn't mean the max file you can import is 4gb, but it would stream it ...

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