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Galera cluster into Google cloud platform

but I have difficulties to see the added value compared to Cloud SQL instances with replication and backup. I am not very familiar in scaling heavy load systems. Galera-based clusters like ...
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SQL GUID or Identity in the Cloud

Oh goodness, you have a lot of questions in here. I'll try to unpack them all. Q: What is "SQL Server in the cloud"? The term "the cloud" is too generic - you might as well be saying "SQL Server on ...
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Problems with having SQL Server Identity Column in the Cloud

No issues with IDENTITY or SEQUENCE in Azure SQL Database, or SQL Server on Azure VMs. If you move to a federated design, you should not use the IDENTITY or SEQUENCE value as the only key of any ...
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Syncing data between onprem and Azure SQL

No .. Azure data factory is not required. You can set up transactional replication from on-prem to Azure. Do not use data-sync .. its buggy and have many issues.
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Migrating MS Access application

The "best" solution which we found was: 1. migrate the Access tables to an SQL tables 2. Migrate view & stored procedures to the SQL server 3. make the MS-Access run from a network location. This ...
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Any Reason to have Regular Failover Clustering in Azure Cloud?

Is there a reason to have Regular SQL Failover Clustering when database is in Azure Cloud? This completely depends on your use cases, knowledgebase, requirements, and cost. In some ways it would ...
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Is it possible to Increase storage performance in azure vm using disk striping?

I'm going to preface my answer by indicating I tried this out a few years ago during a demo of Azure's initial IaaS offerings so things have almost certainly changed. Yes, you can provision multiple ...
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Change Azure Standard to Premium

Premium tiers all have SSD storage and are intended for IO intensive workloads. DTUs of Standard Tiers do not have the computation power of Premium tiers. Premium tiers have a dedicated hardware on ...
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Galera Cluster Crashes together?

Your Strike node: 2021-09-23 8:29:42 0 [Note] /usr/sbin/mariadbd (initiated by: unknown): Normal shutdown So it looks something it just sending a SIGTERM to shut the service down at this time. The ...
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Fully qualified or synonym for table in another database, cloud migration plan

If the cloud solution you are using is SQL Azure, you're somewhat limited in what you can do, because cross-database queries run from database A would have to treat database B as an external ...
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Replicating to 3 databases one is web server

You can use a Subscriber to re-publish data to other Subscribers, as briefly mentioned in Replication Publishing Model Overview - Subscribers. I'm not sure under what scenarios this is applicable or ...
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What are good options for cloud storage of audit data? (written continuously, rarely queried)

I read your requirements as (in order) Store lots of records cheaply Execute queries infrequently, insensitively to performance. On AWS the cheapest bulk storage is S3. Other providers may be ...
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1 vote

AWS iops vs disk iops?

AWS limits the IOP size to a maximum of 16KB, so whatever IOPS you buy, you will get throughput capped at 16KB times that number. So if you buy 1,000 IOPS on EBS, this will max out at 16MB/s. If your ...
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Troubleshooting oracle database errors from cloud application

ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded is almost always an application error. I'll put a large wager down that some part of the Java middle tier is failing to close a ResultSet in every case. That ...
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connect to Oracle Cloud from SQLPlus and Instant Client

Assuming your Oracle database on Oracle cloud then you can connect to SQPLUS over SSH: connect to oracle cloud service click on the name of the deployment you want to connect to copy public IP ...
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1 vote

MongoDB deployment across cloud and On Premises

Should we need to keep same OS in AWS as our On-premise server or we can keep Amazon Linux also ? In our case it is RHEL 7.2 in On premise servers There is no strict requirement to have the same O/S ...
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TSQL retrieve backup date from database after restore

Answer from author's comment converted to community wiki select top 1 s.backup_finish_date from msdb.dbo.backupfile f left outer join msdb.dbo.backupset s on s....
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Running forms in Oracle Cloud Service

Forms is a Middleware product in and of itself - not a user-developed J2EE application. is the best start page here. This ...
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Syncing data between onprem and Azure SQL

The Azure SQL data synchronization tool looks like the easiest way to synchronize your databases. The feature is available to all users on the Azure portal since July 1, 2017.
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Postgres backup and WAL to S3

You may want to reconsider wal-e from Instagram which does just this, wal-e Simple Continuous Archiving for Postgres It supports AWS. And as of November 2013, shortly after you asked the question, ...
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