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IN MySQL 8 (>= 8.0.16) You can use a CHECK CONSTRAINT In older Versions you will need an INSERT/UPDATE TRIGGER That said, you should also normalize your table and use a lookup (or reference/helper) table for an Origin id and a Type id. CREATE TABLE Product ( P INT , PType varchar(19) , PName varchar(20) , Price DECIMAL(8,2) , Origin ...


We can save the number of user photos in the user table or a table like user_statistics and use triggers to perform atomic increment and decrement that locks one row (user row) and is safe against concurrent requests: CREATE TABLE public.user_statistics ( user_id text NOT NULL, photo_count smallint NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, CONSTRAINT ...


I should think a table-level CHECK constraint would serve here, something like CONSTRAINT c1_c2_null_match CHECK ((c1 IS NULL AND c2 IS NULL) OR (c1 IS NOT NULL AND c2 IS NOT NULL)) See the MySQL 8.0 documentation. You could instead use a trigger, but can run into consistency issues that way. Certain bulk-load operations will bypass triggers, ...


Most database systems normally handle this with a Check Constraint, but your version of MySQL doesn't have that implemented. So you can implement it with a Trigger as discussed in this StackOverflow answer.

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