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You try to insert Albums.ArtistId value (7) which is absent in Artisis.ArtistId values list now. So insertion fails. You cannot insert album of <unknown>, FK claims this is impossible, and server prevents this. Insert artist with ArtistId=7 first, then insert his albums.


Reporting Constraint Exceptions You must create an appropriate exceptions report table to accept information from the EXCEPTIONS option of the ENABLE clause before enabling the constraint. You can create an exception table by executing the UTLEXCPT.SQL script or the UTLEXPT1.SQL script. The following statement attempts to validate the PRIMARY ...


I think that I would do something like the following. Have a (sort of) joining table (or Associative Entity in the technical jargon) called slot. If it's a manual system and you don't actually have a physical slot for individual bicycles (i.e. bicycles are stored behind a counter and allocated on an ad-hoc basis - but I'm also assuming that you keep track ...

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