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Theoretically, your database does not have problem, if it is running. But to verify it, first Stop your database, make a physical copy of PostgreSQL folders. After that, start your database make an ordinary backup using pg_dump, after that try to restore this backup in a new environment, if you don't have a problem your database is ok. If you have some ...


I'm assuming that this is an agent alert, if so you could try to right click on the alert -> properties -> History and check the 'Reset count' box and it should clear out.


3 states a DB can be in Online – all is well…happy path Recovery pending – something is preventing the database from starting up Suspect – transaction log is damaged Can happen when a DB isn’t shut down properly or a rollback tries to read a corrupt page Might have to rebuild transaction log To Change database states, ALTER DATABASE AdventureWorks2016 ...


I removed all compression all together (zipping the .bak via ZipArchive library in .NET) and pass it up to google and it works fine now. Something must be going wrong in the compression. Thank you for the lead into looking at compression =) Originally left in a comment by user Austen Swanson (the OP). So rather than the database being corrupt, the backup ...

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