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SQL equivalent to CouchDB for 2 way replication

The way CouchDB's replication mechanism is created and integrated is kind of unique. This has to do with the historical situation, that CouchDB should be able to live in a distributed world from the ...
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is possible to use graphql with couchdb?

I think GraphQL is a tool meant to smooth the way for you to write the custom API for your own app. Very few databases have a commonly published API as yet. Some people have started playing with ...
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2 votes

CouchDB and document versioning

Storing only changes will be a good idea, because storing older documents as separate documents or attachments to the final revision of database will create an overhead to database server. When ever ...
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member access to couchDB browser gui fauxton

In CouchDB 3.0.0, the /_all_dbs endpoint became admin-only. This has the side-effect of Fauxton, the “Browser GUI”, not loading properly for non-admin users, as it starts out by reading /_all_dbs. ...
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1 vote

How does Couchdb calculates the document revision number?

The algorithm is Erlang-specific as it involves the Erlang External Term Format. (CouchDB is written in Erlang.) It would be hard to re-implement in a different language. It is indeed an MD5 hash, of ...
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1 vote

Multi-master (NoSQL) database solutions with cloud and no-premise option

You may want to consider Aerospike NoSQL database. You can install it on-premise and in the cloud yourselves. It has both AP and CP modes. It has Cross-Datacenter-Replication (XDR) which will ...
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Difference between all_nodes VS cluster_nodes CouchDB 2.X cluster membership?

From the CouchDB slack channel, the answer is: one is the list of currently contactable nodes (i.e, the ones that are up), and the other is every node listed in the _dbs database Not sure how ...
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Local CouchDB on Mac Opens New Browser Tab Every 5 Seconds

If you have another CouchDB running, then close it first (you might like to uninstall to stop it restarting on the next boot). It seems like the CouchDB application fails when it can't get its ...
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