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Don't use double quotes " for a string, use single quotes ' and use double slash \\ to insert single backward slash \. The \ will escape the character after it (like in C). MATCH (p:person {id:'1'}), (a:Address {street:'11\\34, Wall street'})RETURN p, a;


The problem is single quote (') in the data. To resolve use double quote instead of single quote("). MATCH (company:COMPANY {name:"`X'SQUIRE COMMUNICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED"}), (cin:CORPORATE_IDENTIFICATION_NUMBER {number:'U64202TN2001PTC048084'}) CREATE (company)-[:IDENTIFIED_BY]-> (cin)


Aside: Your Cypher query uses node labels and relationship types that do not match your illustrated data model. So, I will ignore your illustration. This is a slightly tricky way to get the employee nodes that have Has_Skill relationships to all profession nodes: MATCH (p:profession) WITH COUNT(p) AS pCount MATCH (employee:employee)-[r:Has_Skill]->() ...

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