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How do I convert a TIMESTAMP to a BIGINT in Azure Synapse

Slightly more compact and only one call to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, you can use CONVERT with its format switch (121) and TRANSLATE and REPLACE to tidy up. This reduces the statement from six individual ...
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Converting from latin1 to utf8mb4 of ENUM and SET with accented characters on mysql

The charset for ENUM/SET may be set on CREATE DATABASE or CREATE TABLE Or during the connection parameters (Cf SET NAMES) together with the setting of the app that is talking to MySQL. I don't ...
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Incorrect datetime str_to_date INSERT SELECT

I did some tests trying to replicate your error, and managed to find "Warnings" instead, I'm not sure if this can lead to you finding the root cause but I hope this helps: I created a random ...
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Datapump metadata-only import changes datalength when importing with conversion

If we create VARCHAR2(5) or VARCHAR2(5 BYTE), we put constraint on max 5 bytes. If we create VARCHAR2(5 CHAR), we put constraint on max 5 characters. In WE8ISO8859P15 every character consists of 1 ...
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64 bit hexadecimal AS Date in SQL

This value is encrypted by QlikView to prevent you from tampering with the value. Some fields in the generated XML file i.e. "LastUsed", are encrypted for security reasons, thus cannot be ...
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