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What does psql do on connect (that could be taking 1 to 10 minutes)?

So psql was a bit of a red herring... it was mostly this: ~10k in pg_roles And the fact that the connecting user connecting was GRANTed many of these roles, which were themselves each granted many ...
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SQL Server DWH architecture question

Personally I would say it is good old fashioned way to kept it in a different database or schema for tight security implementation. If the tables are to be used in conjunction with the others tables ...
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Growing SQL Server Data Warehouse - How to reorganize efficiently?

I am still a little confused overall (and some of that is just due to not having your ETL stack in front of me). But hopefully you find something meaningful in this answer. Managing schema changes ...
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How to compress data in SQL Server? The data warehouse raw data is times bigger than the MySQL OLTP database for the same tables

The sales_order table contains 7'100'000 rows with size 5.5GB. However, in the data warehouse, the same table sized 20GB SQL Server has several different table compression options. The one most ...
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Optimal join for joining facts with scd-type-2 dimension for aggregation/reporting

use range join optimization - it's intended to support this exact scenario. You an also do a bit of z-ordering or bucketing of your data to help manage shuffling and data exchanging https://docs....
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Star Schema from Relational Database

CREATE TABLE atudent ( student_id_ INT NOT NULL, address INT NOT NULL, Gender INT NOT NULL, Birthday INT NOT NULL, Program INT NOT NULL, Class INT NOT NULL, Name INT NOT NULL, Phone ...
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