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Determining what database product best fits the requirements and limitations in a specific situation. This is advice that generally requires much more insight into requirements than can easily be gleaned on a Q&A forum such as StackExchange.

If you are seriously evaluating databases for a project then the evaluation is likely to be affected or even constrained by a range of factors. These could range from feature requirements to corporate policies mandating the use of certain platforms. Feasibility studies for this can be quite in-depth pieces of research in their own right.

Asking questions of the form 'what database should I use for xxx' is unlikely to produce a useful answer unless you can be quite specific about requirements. Specifying these in a useful level of detail can produce quite substantial documents.

You are much more likely to get a useful response if you can do some preliminary research based on the capabilities you are looking for, and then use Q&A forums to get specific clarifications on individual points.

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