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Postgres jsonb vs composite type performance differences

When I ran the queries in the selected answer against my own data, I found significantly different results. In particular, the LATERAL JOIN to jsonb_populate_record was very slow. Perhaps the ...
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Get column name and column type in the same query in the correct order using psycopg2

You should use the RealDictCursor when creating the cursor for psycopg2. import psycopg2 from psycopg2.extras import RealDictCursor # Connect to the database db = psycopg2.connect( dbname="...
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PLS-00306 Error: How to find the wrong argument?

Also check to make sure that any named parameter omitted from the call has a default value in the definition of the function/procedure. create or replace function foo (p1 in varchar2, p2 in varchar2) ...
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