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I used (see here) for this as opposed to - more servers and it's kept up to date better. So, what I did was the following (the setup is as per your sqlfiddle): CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS users ( id int(6) unsigned NOT NULL, birthdate varchar(200) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id) )DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; populate: INSERT INTO users (...


ALTER TABLE users ADD COLUMN DOB DATE; UPDATE users SET DOB = STR_TO_DATE(birthdate, '%Y-%m-%d') WHERE birthdate REGEXP '[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}';


the first is simple access has no != SELECT TripName AS Ausdr1 FROM Trip WHERE ([State])<>'NH'; the form of the secnd is wrong and you should start to use proper JOINs a comma for tables means always a cROSS JoiN, which can be useful, but nit in this case also strings must always be in quotes SELECT TripName , MaxGrpSize FROM Trip, TripGuides WHERE (...

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