For questions about dbatools, a PowerShell module to help SQL Server Pros be more productive.

The dbatools module is a PowerShell module that started out as just Start-SqlMigration, the brainchild of PowerShell MVP, Chrissy LeMaire. It has since grown into the SQL Server DBA's best friend.

The module is comprised of hundreds of commands that make the day-to-day task of being a SQL Server DBA easier, and more efficient. The current list of commands can be found on the module's site here.


  • PowerShell 3.0 or higher
  • SQL Server SMO (installed via SSMS generally works).
  • The majority of the migration commands (Copy-Dbaxxx) are supported against SQL Server 200.
  • Other commands validate the version of SQL Server and will output if you are connecting to an unsupported version of the command.

Getting Started

This module is hosted both in the Microsoft's PSGallery and on GitHub under the SQL Server Community Collaborative project.

The PSGallery will contain the latest "master" version which is fully tested. You can install that version by simply running:

Install-Module dbatools

You can also hit the GitHub repository and run the install.ps1. This method will download the module and install it.

Not using the GitHub method will not support utilizing the PackageManagement module to update the module (e.g. Update-Module). You will have to run the command within dbatools Update-DbaTools.

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