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The 4.6 minute COMMIT is nearly definitive that your IO system is either grossly inadequate, or just completely hosed. Which would explain all the rest of the problems. If connections can't commit, they won't ordinarily be closed, so they build up. Eventually you get "ERROR: no more connections allowed". If a client gives up on waiting for a commit ...


The long commit times indicate that I/O on the database server is seriously overloaded. The machine seems to come to a crawl, so that it cannot respond to connection requests in a timely fashion any more. Examine the database workload and see what causes the overload.


Using multiple schemas to implement a multi-tenant scenario is a feasible solution if you have few tenants. If you have too many tenants, you will end up with too many tables, and that will make life quite painful for you. If you have many tenants, you could use one table for all tenants and use a column like tenant_id to identify them. If you don't want ...

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