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It's always recommended to run backup only on the SECONDARY nodes. Running backup on primary node will increase the disk IO since we already have heavy writes traffic from the application to the PRIMARY node. You can write your own shell/python scripts to configure based on the below logic: Identify whether node in the replica set is SECONDARY or not. If ...


If DR hits, and we have set up log shipping, my guess is that we are only left with whatever the secondary replicas have... That is, if I am able to 'backup the tail' then the server must be up and running... When logs are restored onto the secondary, the database is being left in "restoring" (or standby as read only) state by restoring logs "...


Go to your Roles, click on AG and on the bottom you have resources - click on it. Then open properties of Other resource - Your AG and go to Policies and play with those values.


I can launch SQL Server FCI over the existing EC2 Windows Server with SQL. I have two node cluster (This is a limitation of Microsoft for Standard Edition). The SQL Installation file is present in the C: drive of the Windows Machine. You can use this installation file and launch more SQL Server Instances.


You cannot convert an existing standalone instance to an Failover Clustered Instance (FCI). You can configure standalone instances to be part of an Availability Group, but FCIs use a separate install path, and must be configured from the point of install. From the AWS docs FCIs require some form of shared storage—disks on a storage area network (SAN), file ...

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