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MySQL import csv only gets half the lines

Here is a work around for this. Go to this website: and upload your csv into it. It will convert your csv to .sql file with create, and insert queries and ...
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Importing mysql file fails printing last line and I find ^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^ on that line

I am answering my own question since I am 99% sure this was the cause and I previously ran into this without remembering the solution :) So if the .sql file is dumped into a remote storage, e.g ...
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MariaDB Crashes Every Time Restarted

I was having a similar problem, except I was getting [ERROR] InnoDB: Missing FILE_CHECKPOINT(10514035995) at 10514035995. Would completely reinstall mariadb with brew, it would run fine, but after ...
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Microsoft SQL Server Import Export Wizard on Remote SQL Server

The code executes on the machine where you run the wizard. So, no, the GUI will not allow, by itself, a "remote execution". There are other ways to go about this. Being on the same server, I ...
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MariaDB Crashes Every Time Restarted

What worked for me is killing all mysql processes, reinstalling, and then setting the root password manually. Note: Don't use pkill except in very rare circumstances. It was like: brew stop mariadb ...
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MariaDB Crashes Every Time Restarted

I encountered the same problem, and only a downgrade to [email protected] helped to resolve it. See
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