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Informix is an SQL-based object-relational, OLTP/OLAP, NoSQL DBMS produced by IBM. This tag is appropriate for questions about any of the products with Informix in the product name.

This tag is appropriate for questions about IBM's products in the Informix family - or any predecessors to those products. Such products include:

  • IBM Informix,
    To know the actual editions read this IBM technote: Comparing Informix Editions
  • Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) (2004-2010),
    • Enterprise Edition
    • Workgroup Edition
    • Express Edition
  • Standard Engine (SE),
  • Extended Parallel Server (XPS),
  • OnLine,
  • ESQL/C,
  • Informix Genero
  • I4GL,
  • ISQL.

It also includes questions about the Informix implementations of generic interfaces to the Informix databases, such as ODBC, JDBC, .NET, OLE/DB, ADO, etc.

This list is not exhaustive; there are other esoteric products which it would be legitimate to tag with 'informix'.