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innodb_buffer_pool_size complications

You don't need to calculate the pool size. Set innodb_buffer_pool_size to the total RAM you want to allocate to the buffer pool. Let MySQL calculate the pool instances and chunk size. MySQL does this ...
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MySQL query optimisation

To speed the query up a little bit you could add a where clause based on your comment Is "" always at the beginning of jid? Yes The jid column is already indexed and the following ...
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INSERTing millions of files into a table

Some notes: InnoDB's COMPRESSED gives about 50% shrinkage of disk space. gzip (and most other file-based tools) compress down to about 33%. So, it is better to shrink in the client instead of the ...
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INSERTing millions of files into a table

This is a lot of work to get all these files into the database. Question: What are you going to do with them once they're in there? If the answer is something like ... When X happens, I want to ...
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