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MS SQL Server: How to alias a linked server

Here is how we've handled a very similar situation. On both Torch SQL instances, create a linked server pointing to the matching DataMine server. But don't include the Test/Prod designation in the ...
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Using Kerberos Constrained Delegation with an ADSI Linked Server

I figured this out moments after I posted this - due to our Active Directory being locked down, one of the accounts I was using for testing had the Account is sensitive and cannot be delegated ...
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3 votes

SQL Server linked server query to Postgres not filtering rows

Have you set "Use Declare/Fetch" to true in the odbc driver options? From the documentation "If true, the driver automatically uses declare cursor/fetch to handle SELECT statements and ...
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Can a server outside the Windows domain connect to a 2nd SQL instance via a linked server?

This is a classic double-hop problem, but in this case, you are using NTLM rather than Kerberos (as it's outside the domain). So it's impossible to do double-hop, as NTLM doesn't support it. Options ...
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2 votes

Linked Servers on SQL Server AGs

When setting up Linked Servers in an Availability Group, do I need to set up the Linked Servers on the AG Listener as well as the AG Nodes? The listener always points to the primary replica, if you ...
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2 votes

Communicating from a SQL Server 2022 to a SQL Server 2008 over linked server

I happen to have access to similar stack due to... reasons, and there doesn't seem to be any problem of accessing the 2008 (nor 2005) server: EXEC sys.sp_addlinkedserver @server = 'sigge,42008' go ...
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1 vote

MSSQL Linked server login timeout

After checking every single aspect of it, I finally found the issue: For some reason our network guy set up a level 3 firewall rule in a Meraki filter for this specific IP causing only "1 way&...
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1 vote

Can SQL Server contained database users use linked servers with login mappings?

However, I cannot find any explicit Microsoft documentation of this limitation. This is not straightforward, you need to put two things together. 1. In the contained database user model, the login ...
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1 vote

MS SQL Server: How to alias a linked server

I decided to just create a synonym, which I didn't want to do since the test db server gets refreshed with the prod db about twice a year. create SYNONYM myTable FOR DataMineTest.mydatabase.dbo....
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1 vote

What factors influence choice between executing remote query using linkedserver via sp_executesql vs using 3 piece identifier

One of my observations is that - Options 2, 3, 4 seem to guarantee that the entire query will be executed on the target server (the linked server). Whereas option 1 could result in each table getting ...
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Linked Servers and Application Intent

had the same issue on a server, what I did was instead of making views over a remote data, I made an staging table that is updated from a view from that remote server every 5 minutes, and I directed ...
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