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If DR hits, and we have set up log shipping, my guess is that we are only left with whatever the secondary replicas have... That is, if I am able to 'backup the tail' then the server must be up and running... When logs are restored onto the secondary, the database is being left in "restoring" (or standby as read only) state by restoring logs "...


Taken from the internet in response to the question Differential backups breaking Log shipping I have setup log shipping on a Primary Server for all the DB's. The Log shipping has been failing for one particular db, because differential backup is taken on daily basis. I am sure because, when the diff backup has been taken, the LSN chain breaks..i.e..the ...


Negative impact is your backup chain would be broken because you cannot have 2 different log backup jobs. LS is taking the log backup which will do same stuff as your regular log backup job. So from what we do, we keep one running based on RPO/RTO defined and depending if there is any read only requirement for standby database on DR side.

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