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Old thread I know, but in case this helps anyone... I definitely typed my path out by hand because I just have a dedicated drive "f:\" in my case. When I read this and looked at my job, it was empty as well. This time I selected it via the ... button and it fixed the problem.


Okay, so I have now managed to "solve" this issue. After failing to work out why my backup files were not being removed, I decided to test this scenario on my Replica. I copied over a backup file to the Replica and ran the delete command; DECLARE @BackupDir NVARCHAR(4000) = (SELECT BackupDir = dbo.fn_SQLServerBackupDir()) DECLARE @Date DATETIME = GETDATE() ...


Since you mentioned this is in an AG, are you sure you're running the command and checking the backup folder on the same server? If you are connecting to the Availability Group primary through the AG listener, then running the xp_delete_file command will run on whichever physical server happens to be the primary replica at that time. Try running SELECT @@...


Recently, we set up log shipping to an off-site server and it seemed to be working great. The LSBackup job runs every 15 minutes. You should change the maintenance plan and just take full and diff (if required). Since logshipping is taking log backups every 15 mins, you dont need hourly log backup. but my question is do I need to remove all log shipping, ...

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