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You are receiving a warning as '$99,999' is not an integer. The CHAR() function expects integer(s) as input. As suggested by McNets: it seems you are trying to use the CHAR() function for something it is not intended to do. The CHAR() function accepts integers as input and will interpret each integer as a character code, returning corresponding, ...


It turned out that the disk space was 100% full - which I didn't expect. I removed some files and everything started without a problem. This post helped me to find the solution:


Whilst I can't find anything official to back this up (I will keep trying) I guess a user with UPDATE but not SELECT permissions could brute force their way into knowing the values in the table without having SELECT permissions lets say the user runs the following query UPDATE MyTable SET MyCol = 'Something' WHERE Id = 1 and it returns that it ...


If you are just starting to use MariaDB, your Question is premature. For small, casual, usage MariaDB will work fine "out of the box". For 32GB of RAM on a server dedicated to MySQL/MariaDB, set innodb_buffer_pool_size = 24G Does /etc/my.cnf already exist? Look at it. If there is already a setting, then change it. If not, does the file have an "...

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