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Write latency for adding an index on read replica

Since all writes occur on both the Primary and the Replica, it is unclear whether you will be saving anything. The Replica should normally be "readonly", but you should be able to turn it ...
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How to resolve GTID difference between Master and Slave servers in MariaDB replication using MaxScale?

I have found the solution in this article: I had to detect the last bin log from the Master node, and to execute the following ...
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Does a single replica gives any performance improvement?

Using an ORM, The write on the replica are way faster because there is no need for constraint check : primary key, foreign key, etc... Be aware that there is lag between both server. You must take ...
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MySQL master slave replica interrupts after service restart or reboot

I had this issue and it wasn’t a delayed reconnect. It turned out that the permissions for the replication user account on each server allowing the slave to read the binlog index file on the master ...
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