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First thing to try: ALTER DATABASE gandalf SET PARTNER RESUME; Might work! Check logs for an Error 3624. I get this occasionally - reading up on this, it looks very much like "an error has occurred." My solution is to stop mirroring and recreate. I would be interested if anyone has better information.


The reason you are seeing this behaviour is due to the fact that you have SUSPENDED the data synchronization (see @AMtwo's comment). From BOL, a secondary replica must be able to communicate with the primary replica and must be SYNCHRONIZED or SYNCHRONIZING. so if you unsuspend the data synchronization, then the log can be reused since you took the log ...


I have a production Oracle 11g server, from which I want to copy data regularly to PostgreSQL 10.14 database for DWH uses ... Why move the data from Oracle to Postgres at all? Why not use a Data Guard based solution to populate your Data Warehouse? Three possibilities: Logical Standby: Data Guard applies SQL on the Standby (instead of the more efficient, ...

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