This question is for Linux, but for fellow windows users who found their way here and want a windows solution... the problem is your Mongodb service is stopped. So do the following steps: 1) cntrl-alt-del and open your task manager 2) click on 'services' 3) scroll down to MongoDB 4) right click and hit 'start' (or 'restart') go back to ...


I also ran into same issue. But was able to resolve by completely removing mongo first sudo apt-get purge mongodb-org* Then performing following sudo apt update sudo apt install -y mongodb sudo systemctl status mongodb You can refer to following link for the same: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-mongodb-on-ubuntu-18-04


If the problem is related to a remote access, here is the solution for anyone who has the problem show iptable rules line numbers sudo iptables -L --line-numbers The output will be something like this ... num target prot opt source destination 1 ACCEPT all -- anywhere anywhere ctstate RELATED,...

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