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I want to set a quorum rule to 3. It`s a split-brain protection measure. It means that if no 3 alive nodes in the cluster there is no able to write, only to read. Split brain usually refers to a scenario where you have inconsistent data on both sides of a partition, for example with different writes accepted. The quorum requirement in MongoDB replication is ...


To answer you question, and this is my opinion not hardwired: 1. Is it wise to keep the documents embedded and perform upserts every time (considering the load) rather than keeping the documents in 2 separate collections and perform joins to report the data to client applications? Ans: MongoDB is designed to handle embedded document structure, so don't ...


Basically, I made it with db.updateUser. On the doc, it says the following: passwordDigestor : string Optional. Indicates whether the server or the client digests the password. Available values are: "server" (Default) The server receives undigested password from the client and digests the password. "client" (Not compatible ...

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