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If replication OpLog window goes under one hour, it means that timestamp between first and last lines in the OpLog is under one hour. This can happen when there is lots of changes in the DB and your size of OpLog is "too small". No, this is not fatal. It just means that your secondary nodes cannot "fallback" more than what is your OpLog window. I mean that ...


The one reason I can see is that you are doing unnecessary work that way. PostgreSQL will compress and toast the base64 string, so you have to pay the price of compression and decompression, unless you set the column to EXTERNAL, then you don't compress, but you waste storage space and I/O bandwidth. Hint: if you store compressed binary data in PostgreSQL, ...


just to note the issue is still there using mongoDB 4.2.6 and as it is said in this post is only solved by providing a FQDN when configuring the ReplicaSet


You mean like this: mongodump --archive --db=test --port=27017 | mongorestore --archive --port=27018

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