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You can group several privileges into one Role. It is simpler to grant roles rather than dealing with a bunch of privileges. In a multi-tier architecture this might be no so important. You may have a user admin, backup, http - that's it. However, when your database is used by many (human) users distributed over several departments with different ...


Arbiter nodes don't "replicate" data... The problem with your setup is that, that you can "lose" two of your three data-bearing nodes and your setup has still "majority" in votes. Meaning that replica set still keeps "serving" clients, but all data is only at the one node without replication. Then comes that "majority RC", with that setup, even you lose ...


Index creation will be show in the mongo error logs. You can monitor the progress of the index creation. 52 hours is very slow. Can you post the masked error log here?

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