All versions of MongoDB - a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database.


MongoDB is a widely used, general-purpose, document-oriented NoSQL database with features including high-availability replication and auto-sharding for horizontal scaling. The MongoDB Community Edition database server and tools are open-sourced and available under Server Side Public License (all versions released after October 16, 2018) or AGPL v3.0 license (versions released prior to October 16, 2018). Commercial Licenses are also available from MongoDB, Inc.

MongoDB has strong support for dynamic querying and aggregating data including Map-Reduce and an Aggregation Framework. MongoDB uses BSON (Binary JSON) format for storage purposes and the MongoDB Wire Protocol for communication between client drivers and MongoDB deployments. Officially supported Drivers and Client Libraries are available for most popular programming languages, and there are also Community Supported Drivers which offer alternative implementations and support for further programming languages.

The latest MongoDB server releases can be installed via common packaging systems or downloaded as binary archives from

Some relational-styled features

  • Secondary Indexes
  • Range Queries
  • Sorting

Some RDBMS terms and their MongoDB equivalent


The mongodb-user discussion forum is very busy and almost every question on earth has been asked on there, so try searching the archives. Tip: searching Google with "" added to your search terms generally works better than using the Google Groups search bar.

For help with data modeling (schema design), check out the Data Modeling Considerations for MongoDB Applications documentation page or search the mongodb-user discussion forum archives.

MongoDB, Inc. (the company behind MongoDB) provides archives of many presentations from their events such as conferences and webinars. They also develop a number of related tools and services including MongoDB Cloud Manager, MongoDB Ops Manager, MongoDB Atlas, and MongoDB Compass.

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