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Ok, the problem is the database, database must be = tempdb


Thanks for the input. I ended up going with a combination of a file table and ADO stream. For now, the user will only have read-only access to documents from remote locations. The solution simply reads the file_stream field into an ADO stream object, saves the file to the user's temp folder, and shells it out. It seems to work fine. I do appreciate your ...


SQL Server express is a good choice. You can also create a very low cost (a few bucks a month) database only on Azure. In that scenario there would be no maintenance. I would argue SQL is what you are dealing with when working on data and Excel can easily connect to a table. This may be your best solution.


Putting files inside your database tables is almost always a bad idea. Your database server is not a file server. Store the files on a file server of some sort, and then store the location of the files along with other metadata you might need in the database. Which you're already doing - so keep doing that, you're just going to change where/how you store the ...

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