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Replication Error: Last_IO_Errno: 1236 - Replicating two different channels from same master

I had to stop the replication from A to C, drop the restored schema and create dump of schema1 and schema 2 together and start the process again.
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MySQL Master Slave Asynchronous GTID Replication Failover/Switchover over ProxySQL with little downtime

I figured it out, A --> B,C,D,E,F -- is my current topology B is chosen candidate master, for failover or switchover, I use following set of commands On A set persist read_only=0; Kill the write ...
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How do I convert blob to binary string?

When you insert b'10000' into a column which have BINARY(12) datatype then this value which have 1-byte size is placed into the most first column byte, and the next 11 bytes are zero-padded. I.e. ...
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What could cause replication to break on MySQL when replicating from 5.7.40 to 8.0 replica

We enabled binary logs and were able to figure this out when it happened again. The replica had read_only=0 and an application level bug was doing writes in extremely rare scenarios.
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