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innodb_buffer_pool_size complications

You don't need to calculate the pool size. Set innodb_buffer_pool_size to the total RAM you want to allocate to the buffer pool. Let MySQL calculate the pool instances and chunk size. MySQL does this ...
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cpulimit/iolimit per mysql/mariadb user

As there's a pool of MariaDB threads, there's no fixed allocation to a user that could be used a cgroup limit. Internal resource limits on users can apply and achieve CPU based limits in some crude ...
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how to speed up and optimize mysql search with indexes

Possible solution: FULLTEXT(codfabrica, codoriginal, aplicacao) and MATCH(codfabrica, codoriginal, aplicacao) AGAINST("various possible values" IN BOOLEAN MODE) The reason for ...
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Reset root password in MySQL

ALTER USER 'root'@'%' IDENTIFIED WITH caching_sha2_password BY 'password'; This worked for me.
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MySQL query optimisation

To speed the query up a little bit you could add a where clause based on your comment Is "" always at the beginning of jid? Yes The jid column is already indexed and the following ...
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