mysqlbinlog : Utility for Processing Binary Log and Relay Logs

mysqlbinlog : The command line utility to display the SQL statements that have been recorded. The purpose of this utility is to extract SQL commands for use in "playing back" SQL for point-in-time data restoration. You can also compare and analyze the order SQL in recorded on a Master versus how the relay logs process the same SQL on a Slave.

The context for each SQL statement recorded are the following:

  • Date/Time Stamps
  • Current Database in Use
  • Server ID the SQL Command
  • Position of the SQL Statement Relative to Next Command

When dumping, you can specify

  • Starting and/or Ending DateTime
  • Starting and/or Ending Position
  • Database to Dump From
  • tail -f of Binary Logs

For more information, please see MySQL Documentation on mysqlbinlog