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Consider writing a script (in your favorite language) to read the dump file one line at a time and send that line to STDOUT, which will be piped into mysql. And add a tiny sleep in the loop that does that. To get fancier, you could fetch Seconds_behind_master to tweak the sleep up or down. (I think at least one of Percona's tools does this.)


major Release Candidate General Availability 8.0 2017-09-21 8.0.3 2018-04-19 8.0.11 5.7 2015-04-08 5.7.7 2015-10-21 5.7.9 5.6 2012-09-29 5.6.7 2013-02-05 5.6.10 5.5 2010-09-13 5.5.6 2010-12-03 5.5.8 5.1 2007-09-24 5.1.22 2008-11-14 5.1.30 5.0 2005-09-22 5.0.13 (I don't have MariaDB's GA dates.) You can try to ...


Tablenames that are added in (future) version of WordPress should not be a problem when you are scripting this solution If a take a look at my 'test' database: SELECT TABLE_NAME, CASE TABLE_NAME WHEN 'big' THEN "i<10" ELSE "1" END AS filter FROM information_schema.tables WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA='test'; I do see something like this: +----------------...

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