A data warehouse and analytic appliance suite that IBM purchased around 2010. Utilizes SQL language to query data. It is a contender in the "big data" market and used comparable to Teradata or Hadoop. Pronounced Ne-Tease-Ah.

IBM purchased Netezza around 2010 and it the technology now powers their PureData System appliance products. It is a suite of products in the "big data" market, similar to Teradata or Microsoft's Hadoop.

It is unique itself that it utilizes a 2 tier architecture instead of a node based like Teradata and Hadoop commonly use. The scale-ability is obtained by Netezza's Asymmetric Massively Parallel Architecture (AMPP).

Quote from documentation:

SQL-92 (also called SQL/2), is the operative ANSI/ISO standard for relational databases today. While no vendor supports the complete SQL-92 standard, Netezza SQL conforms to all the commonly supported components of SQL-92. In addition, Netezza includes some SQL:1999 extensions and some SQL:2003 extensions. This publication describes the Netezza SQL language support.

If you have direct access to the Netezza appliance from a command shell, or if you have UNIX clients with the Netezza CLI tools, you can run SQL commands by using the nzsql command-line interpreter. You can also run Netezza SQL commands by using common SQL tools and applications that support ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB data connectivity APIs.

You can find more information from IBM's product site: Data Warehouse Applicances Analytics

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