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Does SSMS use ODBC?

SSMS doesn't use ODBC drivers to connect to SQL Server databases. It uses the .Net Framework driver. You cannot choose which driver it uses as it is hard-coded in the application. But why would you ...
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Password character issues for } and ' in SQL connection string

Intro There was a situation over on The Heap™ – Consultancy ©® where McNets was having an issue with a connection string. I blast off a quick: I hope your connection strings password doesn't contain ...
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Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server: Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server

Not knowing the full details of your issue by your question try the following: Option 1: Temporarily disable Windows Firewall and test your SQL script once more: Option 2: Make sure NetBIOS is ...
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How do I resolve this error, "ERROR 1298 (HY000): Unknown or incorrect time zone: 'UTC'"?

As kaiser suggested, the trailing slash is unneeded but without specifying mysql as the database mariadb complains about a missing database. I found that $ mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | ...
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Why Does SQL Server OPENQUERY To Oracle Return Different Column Types On SQL Server 2016 to 2008

This behaviour has changed in recent updates. See FIX: The value of NUMBER type is truncated when you select data from an Oracle-linked server by using OLE DB provider After you apply this fix, ...
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Password character issues for } and ' in SQL connection string

Now, am facing issue if I give a password like }qwerty1234. i.e. a password that starts with } will give invalid connection string error. You can use the ODBC escape characters and sequence to do ...
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5 votes

Can you use ODBC to extract data directly from SAP HANA S/4 1610?

Your question is a bit confusing so I hope I'm deciphering it correctly. Technically you can connect to a SAP HANA database using ODBC -- this is helpfully documented in the manual. What you do ...
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Avoiding "Row by row" fetch method when dealing with source LOB columns

I used Data Conversion for the varchar larger than 128 as NTEXT but what removed the error for me eventually is the set Validate External Data to False.
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SQL Server 2012 (compability level 110) and SQL Server Native Client 10

The client library used to connect does not care at all about the compatibility level of the database. The code issued by the client may have some issues (for example, you needed 90 to use APPLY many ...
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What is the HY number (HY000) in MySQL Error messages?

MySQL reports with ODBC error numbers which include a SQLSTATE. HY000 is a MySQL ODBC extension for there being no ODBC equivalent error number from the docs on Server Error Codes and Messages A ...
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ODBC Driver for Salesforce: Access Linked Server Object in SSMS

As guessed by Mark this was a permission problem, however a not so obvious one. I had to fiddle with the Registry and the DCOM configuration. What I did: Edit DCOM MSDAINITIALIZE security settings ...
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Incompatibility between unixODBC and Firebird ODBC driver

I came to a solution, if anyone is interested: For any reason, firebird ODBC 64-bits driver downloaded from oficial site comes with SQLLEN = 4 bytes. After some help, I managed to compile driver from ...
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How to avoid returning partial data from SQL Server in .NET application?

You left off the most important part of that second error (emphasis mine): A severe error occurred on the current command. The results, if any, should be discarded. Whatever the "application ...
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Accessing a Linked server

A linked server is referenced just like you would reference a database, with multi-part naming - LinkedSvrName.DBName.SchemaName.ObjectName. There isn't really anything else to "accessing" a linked ...
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3 votes

MS SQL Server 2000 ODBC driver for Linux

@Dan, this is by design. SQL Server 2005 is not longer supported. Newly released client drivers support SQL Server 2005+. That said, can you try this? wget
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3 votes

Performance: Select count(*) where... VS select column_name where

It really depends on a database you use while executing the query and gathered statistics. Oracle DB. If stats have already been gathered , the first query would return the amount of rows in 0.00001 ...
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3 votes

Which ports need to be opened in order to use Named Pipes

We had the same issue with legacy applications built around 1998-2007 when we ported SQL Server to a VLAN--for security purposes. Depending on which server we connected to we'd get spurious results--...
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SQL Server, odbc newbie question

If you're using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), you don't need to "create" a connection via ODBC, you can just connect directly to the server via the SSMS user interface: In SQL Server, the ...
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How do I use 'N' in my prepared SELECT statement

You should bind them using the (relatively new) PDO_PARAM_STR_NATL constant. This constant is available in PHP 7.2 and up. It will cause the desired N prefix to be added. $query->bindParam(':term1'...
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How to get Oracle_Home directory?

Place your tnsnames.ora in a directory of your choice, then set the TNS_ADMIN environment variable. Open CMD, enter sysdm.cpl In the Advanced tab, select Environment Variables Under "System Variables"...
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Open SQL Server data in QGIS on Ubuntu

The key point here is a missing dependency: libqt5sql5-odbc and/or libqt5sql5-tds. Here a complete guide: Install ODBC and FreeTDS packages: sudo apt install unixodbc odbcinst freetds-bin ...
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Linked Server in SSMS 2014 - Shared Memory Provider, error: 0 - The pipe has been ended

I am not a mongodb developer, but I am not surprised that you had hit the 30 second problem. See Do you want a timeout? (mLab Blog) for hints. The default driver connection timeout value ranges ...
2 votes

How to configure connection accessing Sybase Anywhere from Sybase IQ via ODBC on Linux

Checked official documentation for this error and could see it as below: Source the SAP IQ setup scripts using the same user that starts the SAP IQ server. This will set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and other ...
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ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol

This may be Oracle client/server version compatibility issue. From java.sql.SQLException: ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol This happens because you are using a non ...
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Connection string for MariaDB using ODBC

Although this is late answer, but MariaDB have that documented here SQLWCHAR *ConnStr= L"Driver={MariaDB ODBC 2.0 Driver};Server=localhost;UID=odbc_user;PWD=odbc_pw;DB=odbc_test;Port=3306";
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Can't connect to ODBC database with pyodbc. Which SQL Server driver should I install on the Raspberry Pi?

I believe you are looking for FreeTDS or for pymssql. From pymssql docs: A simple database interface for Python that builds on top of FreeTDS to provide a Python DB-API (PEP-249) interface to ...
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SSIS ODBC: Mapping result set columns to variables returns error "Value does not fall within expected range"

With ODBC in SQL task the first position is 1 not 0, this totally cured my problem. Also note that ODBC does not seem to recognize the alias so do not use the alias as the resultName. It seems that ...
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Which driver should I choose for ODBC connect from Windows 10 => SQL Server 2014

Found this post after doing some research on SQL ODBC drivers for a business user today and wanted to clarify. The SQL native client is not supported beyond 2012. The new hotness (in your case) is the ...
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Issue installing Firebird ODBC drivers -- driver eventually no longer found

The issue here is that I had to create a System DSN, which is actually odd because the SSIS job is scheduled to run with the account for which the User DSN exists, and it does work as long as I am ...
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