That is not how you grant privileges on a directory. SQL> create or replace directory KIR_DOKUMENT as '/tmp'; Directory created. SQL> select owner, object_type, status from dba_objects where object_name = 'KIR_DOKUMENT'; OWNER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECT_TYPE STATUS -------------...


A role can be granted to another role. create role user_updates; grant table_note_updates to user_updates;


You can create a custom directory object for this user's use. Don't use the system-level directory created by default. Just make sure that both the user and Oracle will have read/write permissions to it. Also make sure the user has execute permissions on $ORACLE_HOME/bin, and a database account with read/write access to the directory object and whatever you ...


You do not have the admin option yourself on my_role_1, so you cannot grant the role to other users. Get your DBA to grant the admin option for my_role_1 to you and you will be then be able grant the role to ktest1.

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