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As you ask specifically for a RegEx solution, let's start with SELECT text_1, text, REGEXP_REPLACE(nvl(l.text_1, l.text), '^'||21810||'=|\|'||21810||'=', '|'||21810||'='||'B1' ) as checked, REGEXP_REPLACE(nvl(l.text_1, l.text), '^(\d+=)C1(\|\|21810=)C2', '\1\2B1' ...


I finally found a way to disable it. For my, I need to go into this path. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\odi\oracledi\ The file need to find is actually called userpref1222.xml. The file will be full of your users' configuration. Search for this DEFAULT_LOCK_ON_OPENING and you'll see an object block looks something like this <Object class="com....


I'm using Oracle RDBMS XMLDB feature in the database itself to publish SOAP ( passing it via a proxy for security). I'm using ORDS for rest. In one of JeffSmith's blog posts he wrote about consuming and returning xml with ORDS, but I haven't tried that yet. XMLDB does all the magic for me with the help of object types.


Modify the following: controlfile=/ArchiveDBBackup/DAILY_RMAN/${DD}/CDB1_CONTROLFILE to be: controlfile='/ArchiveDBBackup/DAILY_RMAN/${DD}/CDB1_CONTROLFILE' Then try again.

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