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In Postgres, can an isolation level be set as mandatory?

No, all you can do is set the default_transaction_isolation parameter to serializable and hope that nobody explicitly selects a different isolation level.
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DDL_admin vs db_owner permissions

DBO access for a given database does NOT grant the ability to drop that given database. I've tested it. You should too.
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Module signing on a trigger which accesses system views. Base table is on a custom schema

First of all, when I reproduce using your code - I have a different message: Msg 300, Level 14, State 1, Procedure AuditINSERT, Line 9 [Batch Start Line 0] VIEW SERVER PERFORMANCE STATE permission ...
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list of users, logins ,permissions,account active ,last login date for SQL Server

Yes. Look at views in master database.
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How to list all grants per user/role on PostgreSQL

For a quick check with psql just use: \df+ schema.procedure As usual you can use wildcards.
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How can I list all privileges that a PostgreSQL role has?

Here is m option to get privileges. Hope someone will find it useful WITH server_permissions AS ( SELECT r.rolname, 'Server_Permissions' AS "Level", r.rolsuper,...
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SQL Account cannot access file system

The bulk insert is not able to access the file location, same with sys.dm_os_file_exists. So the general problem is the access to the file/directory. The access to the directory is going to be based ...
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How to COPY table privileges dba_sys_privs into different table in Oracle

There is no built-in privilege copy utility, but it's easy enough to make your own with some simple scripting. Simply build your own DDL by querying the three main privilege views. You can then add ...
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SQL Account cannot access file system

Instead of Master.dbo.xp_fileexist try SELECT * FROM sys.dm_os_file_exists('\SRV1\Statistic\Statistic_2024.csv'); Sign the stored procedure with sysadmins's certificate
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MS SQL - Minimum Permissions to View Sensitivity Classifications

Based on Requires the VIEW ANY ...
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