It turned out to be a permissions issue with the DWConfiguration/ DWDiagnostics and DWQueue databases that I just reattached after the reinstall of the OS, for some reason the [NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE] user did not have the correct permissions on these databases and thus the service kept on failing. I managed to debug this with an extended events ...


Since these dumps are being created specifically in the polybase subdirectory, you may want to focus specifically on polybase dumps. At this link, Niels Berglund shows how TCP protocol being disabled for SQL Server connectivity lead to multitudinous polybase dumps being created. https://nielsberglund.com/2019/11/20/fix-polybase-in-sql-server-2019-developers-...


You can check the SQL Server Error Log to get more information as to why dump files were generated. Microsoft also provides the sys.dm_server_memory_dumps dmv for troubleshooting, but it isn't clear to me how that dmv would be helpful.

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