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CTID is another name for ItemPointer. It's basically a pointer to the tuples stored on the page. See bufpage.h header comment in PostgreSQL source code. Reference:


try to set the locale manually by using this command sudo localedef -f CP1252 -i en_US English_United sudo localedef -f CP1252 -i en_US "English_United States.1252" then restart your postgres db server


Because UUID/GUID are not real UUDI/GUID in PostGreSQL, but strings. Lest's see the RFC 4122... UUIDs are of a fixed size (128 bits) which is reasonably small compared to other alternatives. This lends itself well to sorting, ordering, and hashing of all sorts, storing in databases, simple allocation, and ease of programming in general. PostGreSQL does ...


I guess it's an oversight. To me it doesn't make any sense that you can do >, greatest, least, order by etc. but not do min/max on it. That's just absolutely counter intuitive and not what one would expect. I define them for me like this: create or replace function min(uuid, uuid) returns uuid immutable parallel safe language plpgsql as $$ ...

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