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This is the only method that output valid JSON (array of objects). \t \a \o data.json select json_agg(t) FROM (SELECT * from table) t; (source)


1) Log into postgres psql -U <DB_USERNAME> 2) After you are connected, switch to the DB you want to install the extension for: \c <DB_NAME> 3) Then install the extension as answered previously: CREATE EXTENSION pg_trgm; Installing the extension initially gave me issues because I was not doing step 2. I thought the installation was a global ...


Managed to resolve the problem, I was using an md5 sum of my Postgres password in the user list. I did this because I saw it in 3 different guides but upon looking at the official docs I saw you need to put your password in plain text while having the auth type still md5. This makes sense now but why 3 different guides on different sites all gave wrong info ...

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