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1 vote

MariaDB 10.7 to 10.5 replication issue with DROP DATABASE

Incorrect definition of table mysql.event This kind of error normally indicates that the DB that is throwing the error has been upgraded and not had mysql_upgrade run on it. The rest of the error I'd ...
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1 vote

Views in Postgresql replica

If you are using streaming replication, no, because the replica is read-only. If you are using logical replication, yes.
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1 vote

RDBMS vs NoSQL decision making

For what it's worth, you're generally right here - but things are changing. Historically the idea of large datasets (particularly with huge unstructured data types) being not well suited for ...
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1 vote

MySQL : Huge table truncation in replication environment

I tried truncate table statement directly during off hours and it worked without much lag. Make sure to monitor the replicas lag and take the necessary action if needed. In my case, I was able to ...
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