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Restoring a backup of 1 database to another puts both databases into Restoring mode

It seems to me that in UI you have 'Backup tail of the log, and leave database in restoring state' selected which is causing the issue. -
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Restore .dmp file into csv

Unlikely. If that is a file generated by either the classic or Data Pump version of the Oracle export utility, it's a proprietary binary file format. There may be third party tools that could read the ...
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How to move mdf file to other disk drive when it is "Standby / Read-Only" mode?

With the database in RESTORING state, run ALTER DATABASE ... MODIFY FILE to change where SQL Server will expect to find the database files. Then shut down SQL Server and move the files there. ...
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PostgreSQL: Do regclass/oid columns persist across backups?

Whether or not a OID persists across backups depends on whether you use a “raw” oid type or one of its subcatalog-specific aliases. The reason has everything to do with the fact that when you cast oid ...
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Bacpac Import fails with error 'The Element or Annotation class SqlDatabaseOptions does not contain the Property class CatalogCollation'

If you don't want to upgrade/install anything. Just copy .bacpac file to your Azure storage and try Import Database option available in Azure Portal:
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Would MySQL Replication (master-slave) have prevented this problem?

Assuming the crash was hardware-related, it is unlikely that the Replica would encounter the same failure. The Replica would be up-to-date or very close to it. "Semi-sync" would probably ...
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