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pg_cron: "policy ... for table ... already exists" error while restore postgres database from dump

I ended up using the pg_dump --extension flag to exclude pg_cron from the dump and creating it manually before (since you might have objects depending on it) restoring: create extension if not exists ...
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How to Filter and Restore Specific SQL Database Backups Using dbatools in PowerShell

If you knew the actual path you can just go directly to the folder for that database. Otheriwse, you can use Get-DbaBackupInformation to get only relevant backups for that database. $backups = Get-...
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RESTORE DATABASE - The instance of the SQL Server Database Engine cannot obtain a LOCK resource at this time

I remember I had similar problem during the database restore, in my case it were reporting queries that run every 15-20 min and took tens of gigabytes of RAM for memory grants, as well as some extra ...
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How can I restore everything except stored procedures, functions, users from SQL Server 2019 native backup into another DB Server.?

How can I restore everything except stored procedures and functions from SQL Server 2019 native backup into another DB Server? Is it possible in SQL Server 2019? No, not directly. Backups need to be ...
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what to do when database is not synchronizing in availability groups?

Basically what I did: 1 - disabled all backup jobs in the primary 2 - on the primary server right click on the availability group name and removed the database from the availability group 3 - take a ...
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How to force checkpoint before backup is executed in IBM Db2?

You can't restore from a backup image to a point in time before the backup completion time in db2. What you can do is to take an incremental backup of the database or some set of tablespaces changed ...
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Oracle 10g On Windows Hard-Disk Crash

split your recovery to steps so we know where it breaks. 1 Create instance using old parameter file. Are you able to start idle instance? 2 Copy control files to locations from step 1. Try to mount ...
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Oracle 10g On Windows Hard-Disk Crash

I doubt that you can just replace files. You need a proper backup. It looks like you don't have one. The next best thing to try is to replace the files and then try to run a database repair.
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