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Partial (filtered) replication in PostgreSQL

Multiple people suggested using the pglogical extension, which turned out to work really well for this use-case.
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Slony Replication in PostgreSQL

I would use some proxy in front of postgresql servers. I advise using HAProxy to proxy tcp traffic. Example configuration might look more or less like this: defaults mode tcp timeout connect ...
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Slony Replication in PostgreSQL

Try this It will guide you to create a better check than tcp-check , which is worse than pgsql-check which does a logical one. The check here is to see if ...
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Postgres Replication

At least exists three way to do this: 1. REPLICATION + VIEW / FDW You can create ON MASTER VIEW or FDW for table and VIEW / FDW will be replicate to slave. Something like : CREATE VIEW schema1....
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