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You need in something like SELECT *, CASE WHEN COUNT(CASE WHEN sts = 'Enabled' THEN 1 END) OVER (PARTITION BY acctid) > 0 THEN 'Active' WHEN COUNT(CASE WHEN sts IS NOT NULL THEN 1 END) OVER (PARTITION BY acctid) > 0 THEN 'Cancelled' ELSE 'Unknown' END Status FROM usr fiddle


Running SHOW PARAMETERS LIKE 'TIMEZONE'; returns in my case: key value default TIMEZONE America/Los_Angeles America/Los_Angeles SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() results in 2019-11-04 07:48:47.289 -0800. Then I can alter the session parameter like this ALTER SESSION SET TIMEZONE = 'Europe/Amsterdam'; Now SHOW PARAMETERS ...


Yes, there are a few: Matillion Stichdata you have to reach out to sales Alooma looks like it may limit enterprise versions AWS Direct Connect and AWSPrivatelink https://...

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