It is not compatible. Azure doesn't expose all the dynamic management views that we get in the boxed product. take a look here: https://github.com/BrentOzarULTD/SQL-Server-First-Responder-Kit/issues/1970


You have two physical NUMA nodes (Memory Nodes), with Automatic Soft-Numa dividing each one into two NUMA nodes in SQL Server. I'd like to understand the meaning/importance of VAS Reserved Virtual Address Space (VAS) is reserved as a first step to allocating memory, see: Reserving and Committing Memory. For 64bit processes the VAS is immense, and so it's ...


No, sp_Blitz doesn't track that kind of thing. A better approach would be querying LOG_REUSE_WAIT_DESC.


Sure, it's in Markdown here: https://github.com/BrentOzarULTD/SQL-Server-First-Responder-Kit/blob/master/Documentation/sp_Blitz_Checks_by_Priority.md If you find any inconsistencies with it, check out the Contributor Guide for how to open issues in the GitHub repo, discuss the changes you want to make, and check in changes.

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