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How to limit which NUMA nodes are used by SQL Server / SSRS?

I have SSRS and SQL Server running on same physical server (2 NUMA nodes). How do you configure SQL Server and SSRS to use separate NUMA nodes? You install a hypervisor, like Hyper-V, and run SQL ...
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SQL Server generating sporadic Memory Dumps

OPENQUERY & OPENROWSET functions are used quite frequently, using the latest ACE & ODBC drivers. Sorry. That's not supported, and now you know why. The Office System Drivers are only ...
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Dynamic Quorum behaviour with a witness

First, I do want to point out that there are portions of the linked article that are incorrect, however that does not change the part you've quoted which is correct. Why is this behavior by design ...
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How to limit which NUMA nodes are used by SQL Server / SSRS?

I believe you can achieve that by using the affinity option of a resource pool available on Resource Governor. See this excerpt from the Resource Pool Concepts doc: AFFINITY This setting lets you ...
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How to model/query this data problem? Is this a timeseries issue?

Feature availability aside, please keep in mind SQL Server 2014 is officially no longer a supported version of the product line by Microsoft, and will stop receiving even security updates in roughly 1....
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Sql Server : How to query list of subscriptions and Articles (for a given publication) from Publisher

Regarding listing the subscribers of a publication: I had to modify the query provided by Kin Shah as sometimes I have 2 subscriptions to the same subscriber server and that query was not catching ...

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