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Effect on execution plans when a table variable has a primary key

revival I forget what I was doing in 2017 when this was originally asked, but I figured I'd throw a couple examples in of when indexing a table variable may provide some benefit. There are many ...
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Unique index on computed column when contributing columns are already unique

It's a trade-off only you can really decide on. You'll already have a Split-Sort-Collapse operator combination added to any plans that update Discount or CodeNumber to avoid false transient unique key ...
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How to track whats causing DTC to keep closing the connection during a job execution?

Verify the remote query timeout property settings under your local server's properties. It likely is set to 1.15 hours (in units of seconds). There's a video on how to configure it and further ...
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CDC cleanup doesn't work even when using sp_cdc_cleanup_change_table which completes successfully

OP here. Okay so after a couple of days, the issue appears to have been resolved on its own. Looks like SQL Server simply needed some more time to perform the cleanup.
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