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SQL Server Disk throughput slower than diskspd

I think you need to run diskspd tool using 8k, 64k blocks and compare the results. Using 2MB block size for OLTP workload is non-sense. Try: 8 KB block size => resembles the page size that SQL ...'s user avatar
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SQL Express CPU limitation ignored

It seems like Hyper-threading does not count, so that would explain why I can see 8 scheduler on a SQL Express server: The use of hyper-threading technology does not affect the number of core ...
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Enable Toolbox window in SQL Server Management Studio

You may also use Win+V to see your last 20 entries in the clipboard for a comfortable Library of your latest code. Just paste it by clicking on the desired snipped.
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SP getting recompiled with "Statistics changed" reason even after disabling auto_stats for all tables involved

The recompile isn't being caused by a change in statistics. The reason code is misleading*. SQL Server doesn't maintain statistics on sort worktables. Quoting from Batch Compilation, Recompilation, ...
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