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ApplicationIntent = ReadOnly and Writes queries

If application that connects to SQL and does both read and write queries using a single connection string that has ApplicationIntent = ReadOnly, does it mean that it will error out if application will ...
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Extra `CASE WHEN` Removes Text from Dynamically Created String

According to documentation this is antipattern known to return incorrect results: Avoid the following pattern for recursive use of variables and expressions: syntaxsql SELECT @Var = <expression ...
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snapshot to apply just the schema changes - not the data

In the job activity monitor check those who are the snapshot jobs: double click the job and go to the second step - Run Agent add /NoBCPData at the end: -Publisher [myserver] -PublisherDB [PP_Master]...
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Trying to renumber a field in order grouping by another

For an UPDATE query you don't need to rejoin, you can update the derived table directly UPDATE T SET sequence = RowNum FROM ( SELECT T.*, row_number() OVER (PARTITION BY C.co ORDER ...
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